TTATO is at home in Berlin. We see ourselves as a design-oriented brand that focuses on the art of a conscious life. We believe in artful functionality. Our pieces are designed with this balance in mind and as a result, each piece is reminiscent of the clean lines found in nature. Lines that seamlessly integrate into the everyday lives of their users.

We believe in “less is more” and the idea that good design can create emotional connections and lasting appreciation for the presence of a finely crafted item within our space.

We design and produce sustainable, high-quality furniture with a timeless look and an emotional feel.

Our Story

“Good design needs to be as simple as possible, sustainable and should last for a long time.”

- Marco

TTATO is our answer to the call for clean, functional, sustainable and of course, beautiful design that our times call for. The appreciation and preservation of nature are central to our design. We aim to create products that blend the very latest in technology and design with the quiet, sophisticated intelligence of nature. The result is simplicity. Products that function so well that you forget the complexity of the technology behind them. Products that enhance a space without overpowering it. Products that please the eye to see and the mind to comprehend. And, perhaps above all, products that satisfy the heart’s desire to create something long lasting.

The desire to draw inspiration from nature and celebrate the simple is common in all three of TTATO’S founders. Marco Gallegos, Christoph Mayr and Mariyana Genova seamlessly blend their unique expertise to be the force behind TTATO. Hailing from Costa Rica, Germany and Bulgaria respectively, in both work and life the trio are adept at pulling the best aspects from different sources and creating from them something that is greater than the sum of the parts. That may be the secret behind the undeniable universal appeal of TTATO.

“I find inspiration in everyday objects and the way they were put together; I am often drawn to antiques and old things that were solved using simple solutions. I like to re-interpret these ideas to create straightforward objects that are appealing because of their simplicity.”

- Marco

With the deep respect for nature shared by our founders, it was only natural that sustainability would be a key issue for TTATO as a brand. Every material used is carefully selected for its longevity and sustainability to create products that will age well over time and that are respectful to the environment, even after their life cycle is over. Every manufacturing partner is carefully selected to ensure that they share TTATO’s values regarding sustainability and that their practices match these values.

We leave no stone unturned in our quest for delivering products that embody what we stand for. Simplicity, functionality and sustainability. We promise you advanced design with a nod to the natural world, a blend of the modern with the timeless. This is TTATO.

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