Lilu Collection

Coming soon in 2021 - The Lilu Collection
An interchangeable table system

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”


The main focal point of this design is a unique locking mechanism, that acts as a self- supporting structure in which all the parts depend upon each other to work together as a system. The upper sections of the legs emerge through the table top surface where they form a triangular pattern that blends together in the center and flows back down to the floor.

The 3 legs are strapped together to support the top which holds everything in place in what appears to be a coordinated act of magic. The interaction between the parts in this configuration stimulates the eye, keeping the one’s attention on the piece for a longer time. The table can be configured in different heights and diameters using the same construction which allows a it to be customized.

The tables are shipped flat-packed and can be intuitively assembled by anyone in less than a minute without the use of tools.

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Lilu Collection | 2021


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