Aura opens up a whole new world of possibilities for architects and interior designers, allowing them more flexibility when planning new spaces and their ventilation. Aura is also an excellent environmentally friendly alternative to air conditioning units.

Less is more.

Elegant and minimalist, Aura’s design easily blends in with a variety of spaces and architectural styles.

TTATO has completely rethought the pedestal fan and created a long-lasting piece of furniture that is guaranteed to become a statement in any room.

We designed and built Aura to withstand the test of time.

We have carefully selected Aura’s materials for their beauty, longevity, and sustainability to create an item that will age well over time and that is respectful to the environment. Attentive care was put into even the smallest details to make sure Aura lasts for generations and becomes a valuable part of your life.

Aura’s timeless design combines functionality and sustainability while a shift of scale offers a completely new user experience. With a height of 2.4 meters and a unique propeller geometry, Aura moves a large amount of air at low speeds, quietly filling the room with a soft pleasant breeze.

We work hand in hand with talented designers from around the world to create beautiful and timeless products. Learn more about the unique stories of the people who stand behind our products. More

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Aura Collection | 2020


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